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Direct mail services & postcard marketing:
providing bulk mailing and expert design services so your mailings get results!

We offer everything you need to market your business with EDDM and we offer a variety of services levels to meet your needs and budget. You can save the most money by just having us print and ship the postcards to you and you do the rest of the work or on the other end of the spectrum you can have us do it all so you can focus on running your business.

EDDM Full Service Mailings We Handle Everything!
If you want the benefits of marketing your business with EDDM but don’t have the time to prepare your mailing and take it to the post office, then you should consider our EDDM Full Service Mailings. For just a few cents additional per piece we do it all

Help You Select the Best Routes to Target
Print Your EDDM Cards
Complete All the Postal Paperwork
Prepare Your Mailing in Accordance with EDDM Regulations
Ship Your Mailing to the Post Office(s) that Will Be Delivering Them
Pay the Postage Due
Send Your Samples of Your Postcard and a Receipt from the Post Office

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Every Door Direct Mail!

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